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What to Look for in Steak Restaurants

What to Look for in Steak Restaurants

For many people, it boils down to tradition: their choice of which steak restaurants to dine in is determined in large part by the memories of the steak they have eaten there either alone or with family and friends. And that’s exactly what makes steak restaurants great: they evoke a certain feel that inspires nostalgia and excites the taste buds.

When choosing which steak to order in steak restaurants, you have to be mindful of the kind of culinary experience you wish to have. In this regard, there are a number of useful and practical tips that you can keep in mind so that you would not end up regretting ordering what you just told the waiter.

For instance, if you prefer your steak to be soft, the kind that melts in your mouth, your best option would be to order filet mignon. This meat is characteristically lean, which means that, unlike other meats, this one need not be aged before cooking it. In steak restaurants, filet mignon is a popular choice because eating it does not present any problem at all. Be ready to shell out a few bucks more than usual, though, because in most cases, filet mignon comes with a pretty steep price tag. But for what it’s worth, every dollar spent on this meat is worth it.


For those who want their steak to come with explosive flavors, getting a rib eye will do the trick. Steak RestaurantsThis meat cut, equally popular in steak resturants, has a lot of fat marbling the meat. The rib eye has a robust flavor and is incredibly juicy. No wonder then that this meat cut is also popularly referred to as “beauty.”
But there are also some of us who prefer their steak to be tender, but not as tender as filet mignon, and chewy, but not overly so. This kind of preference in steak restaurants calls for sirloin. The flavor that comes with sirloin can be described as mild, which is in stark contrast to the bombastic appeal of the rib eye. So if you want flavor that is just right and not explosive, the sirloin is the way to go.

Steak RestaurantsIf you are not too picky, though, the porterhouse steak will do the trick. Popularly referred to in steak restaurants as T-Bone, this steak derives its name from the T-shaped bone that comes with meat on both sides. In terms of flavor and texture, this steak has it all: it’s tender, but not as tender as filet mignon, and flavorful, but not as exciting as the rib eye. It is more thoughtful in that sense – something that can be appreciated by any meat lover.

These are the basic meat cuts that you should keep an eye out for when ordering in steak restaurants. Picking which one to have is a matter of taste and preference. Because in the end, with thousands of restaurants out there, the choice of where to order your steak from requires knowing your meat and knowing how you want to eat it.