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Going for Healthy Pasta Recipes

Going for Healthy Pasta Recipes

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes in the world, and for good reasons. For starters, the dish allows for creativity and ingenuity, giving you the freedom to prepare anything from traditional to healthy pasta recipes. Although there are a number of basic things to consider when whipping out dishes of this sort, such as the need for the noodles to be al dente, for the most part, preparing pasta dishes depends on what ingredients you have handy and the kind of presentation you wish to have. It’s not very restricting in that sense.

Secondly, almost everyone loves pasta. From simple meals at home to a variety of special occasions, a pasta dish is as perfect as it is versatile. In fact, a number of pasta recipes have been made catering to various tastes and preferences.

Of course, these include healthy pasta recipes for those who watch what they eat. The key here is to minimize calorie count and ingredients that are bad for the health, such as saturated fat and sodium.

One of the go-to healthy pasta recipes for many people is pasta with fresh tomato sauce. The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity. At its most basic, it’s just pasta and tomatoes, mixed in with other taste enhancers. This dish is hearty but has low calorie levels and is infused with the health benefits of fresh tomatoes.

Healthy Pasta Recipes

To prepare this healthy pasta recipes, grind the fresh tomatoes in a blender or food processor. Mix in olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper into the puree. Once done, pour it onto the pasta. To finish, top the dish wth basil and cheese.
Another great and easy to prepare healthy pasta recipes is seafood pasta. Studies show that seafood is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep you in good shape.

Infusing seafood into your pasta dish need Healthy Pasta Recipesnot be laborious. Begin by sauteeing garlic and onion. Once done, add chicken stock and tomatoes and bring to a boil. Next, put the pasta in, followed by the seafood. Here, you can use shrimp, clams, squid, or other seafood options. Season to taste.

When it comes to healthy pasta recipes, nothing beats veggie pasta. As its name suggests, this dish does not use meat so it’s perfect for vegetarians or for those who wish to cut out their meat intake.

Begin by boiling the pasta noodles. Here, you have the option of adding squash chunks. In a separate pan, sautee garlic and onion until they turn golden. Then add in mushrooms until they soften. Add leafy vegetables into the mix last.

These are just some of the healthy pasta recipes that you can try on your own. Remember that there can be as many iterations to these recipes as there are tastes and preferences, so it would be best to determine what you prefer in order to tweak these recipes to your liking. Essentially, however, the beauty of healthy pasta recipes lies in how something so tasty can be good for the body, too.